The NFL is preparing for the 2021-2022 season, and after the league released the schedule for the Minnesota Vikings experts agree, its brutal for the men in purple.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been rated as having the toughest schedule in the league this season. The Philadelphia Eagles are said to have the easiest.

The Green Bay Packers schedule comes in as the 4th toughest, with the Bears ranked as the third roughest -- so at least there's that. The Lions come in at the sixth toughest schedule, so the NFC North has a tough road ahead this year.

According to CBS

Speaking of the Packers, who have the fourth-most difficult schedule, along with the Steelers, they're the only other team in the NFL this year that has to play 10 games against playoff teams from last season.

By the way, these schedule rankings aren't some subjective ramblings by a so-called expert or two -- the rankings are based on the 2020-2021 final win-loss records of each team's 2021-2022 opponents.

The NFL has played a 16-game regular season since 1978, when it added two games to each team's schedule. This season the schedule has been expanded to 17 games.

Minnesota Vikings 2021-22 Schedule

  • WEEK 1:  SUN 9/12 - Minnesota at Cinncinati (Noon CT)
  • WEEK 2:  SUN 9/19 - Minnesota at Arizona (3:05 pm CT)
  • WEEK 3:  SUN 9/26 - Seattle at Minnesota (3:25 pm CT)
  • WEEK 4:  SUN 10/3 - Cleveland at Minnesota (Noon CT)
  • WEEK 5:  SUN 10/10 - Detroit at Minnesota (Noon pm CT)
  • WEEK 6:  SUN 10/17 - Minnesota at Carolina (Noon CT)
  • WEEK 7:  Bye
  • WEEK 8:  SUN 10/31 - Dallas. at Minnesota (7:20 pm CT)
  • WEEK 9:  SUN 11/7 - Minnesota at Baltimore (Noon CT)
  • WEEK 10:  SUN 11/14 - Minnesota at LA Chargers (3:05 pm CT)
  • WEEK 11:  SUN 11/21 - Green Bay at Minnesota (Noon CT)
  • WEEK 12:  SUN 11/20 - Minnesota at San Francisco (3:35 pm CT)
  • WEEK 13:  SUN 12/5 - Minnesota at Detroit (Noon CT)
  • WEEK 14:  SUN 12/12 - Pittsburgh at Minnesota (7:20 pm CT)
  • WEEK 15:  MON 12/20 - Minnesota at Chicago (7:15 pm CT)
  • WEEK 16:  SUN 12/26 - LA Rams at Minnesota (Noon CT)
  • WEEK 17:  SUN 1/2 - Minnesota at Green Bay (7:20 pm CT)
  • WEEK 18:  SUN 1/9 - Chicago at Minnesota (Noon CT)

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