After two years of this pandemic, mask mandates, vaccine mandates and more, we are seeing signs of end-demic.  The CDC has loosened recommendations on masks, and social distancing and capacity limits.  Basically, looks like it's going to be a normal Spring and Summer on the way.  Normal meaning before March of 2020.

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The mask mandate that was put in place for public travel, including wearing them in the airport and on flights was set to expire on March 18th.  This has now been extended for a month until April 18th.  So, if you are planning to travel from now until then, don't put away that mask just yet.  Hopefully they will drop the mandate after April 18th.  The travel mandate does also include busses and other public transportation.

Passengers on public transportation will have to continue wearing masks at least until April 18. The Transportation Security Administration extended Thursday its security directive for mask use, which had been set to expire on March 18.

Why has this been extended?  Apparently it's on the recommendation of the CDC because of travel.  There are some places that still have a higher risk than others, and when you have that many people traveling together to various places, this is the safest route.

So, mask up if traveling... for at least another month.

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