1. The night before you see all your old high school friends at the only bar open in your home town.

2. You wake up the next morning with a headache from all the fun you had catching up with old friends the night before.

3. You walk into the kitchen to the smell of Thanksgiving dinner being made, and the sound of the Macy's parade on TV.

4. Time to go to grandma's house! For whatever reason everyone is really dressed up to go eat dinner and watch football.

5. You get to grandma's and there are hugs all around. Your tipsy great-aunt asks who your "friend" is that you brought. You remind her that you've been dating three years now and it isn't their first family function.


7. Dinner time! Pass the potatoes please!

8. Someone brings up politics at the table and the crowd goes silent.

9. Your cousin quickly changes the subject to talk about a new promotion at work.

10. You're asked what you've accomplished in the past year.

11. Dessert!!!!!!!

12. Retreat to the living room to take a nap on the couch before you're asked to help with dishes.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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