I swear at the state lines there needs to be signs posted, "abandon hope, all ye who enter here". Someone important needs to add that to the budget for 2020. Minnesota was hit with a nasty bout of winter weather over the weekend that resulted in the Twin Cities being frozen over with ice, Arendelle style. Roads were in gridlock as cars slid involuntarily down hills and through stoplights. It was awful, and as of Monday, it isn't much better with a winter weather advisory in effect for most of the state.

To live in this state you need to have a sense of humor. So to lighten the mood, here are 10 GIFs that sum up what it was like existing in Minnesota during that ice storm.

1. Without salt and sand on the roads and sidewalks, it was impossible to get around.

2. Getting up the front steps felt like competing on a Japanese game show.

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3. If you dared to venture out of the house, it was a challenge just to clean off the vehicle.

4. Once you made it on the road, no other vehicles could be trusted.

5. If you were stuck in gridlock, you may have seen one or two people giving the road conditions a manual test for slippery-ness

6. Once you reached your destination, getting out of the car looked similar to this.

7. Even if you didn't drive, walking wasn't safe either.

8. And just when you gain a little confidence in your ice walking skills, it comes back to bite you.

9. Even trying to have fun with the bad bout of weather didn't end well.

10. Basically, the whole state was doing the penguin shuffle to avoid bruised tailbones.

Mother Nature @ Minnesota:

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