Find a sober cab, or plan for multiple days at the State Fair this year because there are 53 new adult beverages being added to the lineup!

Here are some that look interesting/good:

Berry Manilow - Dino's Gyros

A lightly hopped brew, blended with Utepils’ housemade lemonade and a splash of puréed raspberries.

Cherry Firework Hard Seltzer - Ball Park Cafe

A gluten-free hard seltzer crafted with all-natural cherries.

Coco-Lime Wit - Giggle's Campfire Grill 

A blend of lime- and coconut-infused witbier and tart wheat beer.

Cotton Candy Cream Ale - Hildebrand Concessions 

Cream ale infused with the flavors of fresh-spun cotton candy.


Crop Duster Lager - The Hangar

A regular American lager made for drinking at a regular American pace.

Dreamsicle Hard Malt - Coasters 

A sweet treat that starts with blood orange hard Italian soda and is blended together with vanilla ice cream.

Four Seam Screamer - Ball Park Cafe

This West Coast-inspired IPA was brewed with the help of former Minnesota Twins All-Star pitcher, Glen Perkins.

Kirby Pucker #34 Arnie Palmer - Ball Park Cafe

It’s brewed with loose-leaf tea, lemon zest and lemon juice with a hint of sweetness.

Lemon Meringue Pie Ale - The Hangar

A blonde ale with notes of bright citrus, this take on a classic dessert features toasted malts that give way to a hint of pie crust.

Michelada - Tejas Express 

A south-of-the-border beverage, the Michelada is Michelob Golden Light mixed with hot sauce, lime juice and a blend of spices.

Minnesota Mimosa - O'Gara's at the Fair

A breakfast classic served all day, Cannon River Edelweiss sparkling wine is topped with orange juice.

Nordic Strawberry Blonde Ale - The Hangar

This easy-drinking berry brew is made for Minnesota Nordics. It’s light, smooth and refreshing.

Orange Push-Up Pop - Cafe Caribe

This pale ale features bright citrus and tropical fruit notes that are matched with a refreshingly light malt body, finished with orange cream and lactose, and rimmed with zesty orange sugar.

People Watcher - Aldo’s, Sabino’s, Swine & Spuds and Snack House

Dry pilsner featuring notes of grapefruit and orange. Grab a bench and watch the crowd pass by as you sip this brew.

Slushy LuLu Limoncello - Lulu's Public House 

Road Rash Shandy Apple is combined with zesty and juicy lemon, then frozen into a Limoncello-style slushy.

Very Berry Frozen Hard Seltzer - The Blue Barn 

A refreshing frozen hard seltzer with flavors of ripe summer berries begging to be sipped on a hot summer day.

Blue Raspberry Slushy - French Crêperie

Country White Wine infused with blue raspberry flavor make for a cool, drinkable slushy.

Dill Pickle Kölsch - Giggle's Campfire Grill 

A crisp and refreshing Kölsch-style beer infused with fresh dill and cucumber from the Saint Paul Farmers Market.

With 53 new ones, there are just too many to list here! Take a look at the full lineup on the State Fair website! 

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