For years the state Senate has turned down the bill to allow Sunday liquor store sales in Minnesota. This time around it was passed by the Senate and headed to the Governor.

The Sunday liquor sales ban has been around since Minnesota statehood, and considered a "blue law" that a few states in the U.S. still have in existence. The bill has been presented for many years, and ultimately turned down by the Senate, not giving it a chance to get to the Governor's desk. This time it's a different outcome.

The bill passed the Senate today 38-28, and now must get final approval by Governor mark Dayton. When asked about his opinion of the bill earlier this year, he said if it lands on his desk he will sign it. The plan will be to start Sunday liquor sales in July of this year.

If this gets signed right away, here's what this means to our way of life in Minnesota...

  • No Saturday rushes to the liquor store late to beat the 10pm closing time, to have liquor stock on Sunday.
  • No more early morning runs to Wisconsin on Sunday's to get liquor for the Viking's game.
  • You can sit in your driveway and drink all the beer you want on Sunday. If you run out then just get some more.
  • Sadly, on the negative side - Some smaller 'mom & pop' stores will go out of business trying to pay a Sunday staff, or end up working 7 days a week.

There's good, and bad to this bill passing. I'm looking forward to it, and believe it's time to change. The law didn't make sense anymore and was a little embarrassing as a Minnesotan.

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