With summer on the way, here's where you might (and might not) want to road trip!

Wallethub crunched some numbers and compared some metrics to determine the most wallet-friendly states for a road trip this summer, and Minnesota ranked third best!

Source: WalletHub

Looking at three key metrics, Wallethub ranked Minnesota 3rd best for Safety, 19th for Activities and 25th for Costs.

The top 10 best states for a summer road trip are:

1. North Carolina
2. Wyoming
3. Minnesota
4. Virginia
5. Texas
6. New York
7. Louisiana
8. Oregon
9. Utah
10. Wisconsin


The top 10 worst states for a summer road trip are:

1. Rhode Island
2. Delaware
3. Connecticut
4. Hawaii
5. Arkansas
6. Indiana
7. Kansas
8. Mississippi
9. Alabama
10. Montana

Also worth noting, Minnesota's neighbors Wisconsin and North Dakota ranked within the top five states for lowest average car repair costs; Wisconsin also ranked second for lowest price of camping.


Planning a road trip this summer? Now you know where you might (and might not) want to go!

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