The 4th of July is just a few of days away, so the number crunchers at WalletHub have fired up the old Patri-o-meter to determine which states are the 'most patriotic.' Minnesota came in at 29th on their list. Virginia nabbed the top spot; New Jersey finished on the bottom.

They looked at eight key pieces of data to come up with their findings; such as veterans per capita, Peace Corps volunteers per capita, patriotic Google searches, and these:

  • Percentage of residents who have enlisted in the military. (MN: 48th)
  • Most Peace Corps volunteers per capita. (MN: 5th)
  • Percentage of residents who voted in the last presidential election. (MN: 1st)
  • Highest volunteer rate. (MN: 4th)
Source: WalletHub

PS: I think we'd score higher if I could light bottle rockets. Just sayin'...

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