When someone says Minnesota nice, most people (not from Minnesota) assume it's a genuine niceness. It's almost as if people think Minnesotans drink some kind of special snow water that turns the world into sunshine and rainbows even though it's 40 below zero.

However, Urban Dictionary says that's just not true. They define Minnesota Nice as, "Fake, phony pretense of niceness toward someone for the purpose of avoiding confrontation or conflict, but proceed to use sneaky, dirty, backstabbing tactics to attack the person behind their back."

Say WHAAAAT?! Minnesota needs its own reality show all about this drama right here!

Another top definition says Minnesota Nice is when you smile at someone's face but then talk behind their back...and hold a grudge too." It's pretty similar to the first definition.

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If you asked my husband, he'd tell you I'm 100 percent guilty of doing this. I definitely hate unnecessary conflict and I'll agree to just avoid the heck out of it...but, sometimes the situation is so juicy, you gotta go tell your neighbor about it...ya know? This most definitely makes me a bad person...but, I know I'm not the only one. 

Do you think Urban Dictionary got it right and Minnesotans are just extremely passive aggressive? 

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