If you were asked, where do you think Minnesota rank among states that are most polite? Where would you rank our great state? Taking a guess here, but something tells me you would probably put it near the top if not the most polite state there is in our country. Here in Minnesota we have "Minnesota Nice" for a reason. People here are friendly and nice, aren't they?

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You got yourself questioning things a little now, don't you? According to a new report from WordFinder Minnesota isn't the number one most polite state, but we are pretty high up there.

For this particular study their "methodolgy", as they call it, was to collect "Google Trends search data from 2022 across the United States" that contained polite words or terms such as thoughtful, excuse me, thanks or Minnesota's favorite used term "well-behaved".

When it was all said and done, according to this report; Montana is the most polite state of us all. Minnesota wasn't far behind, but it was Vermont and Alabama at two and three and then our state was at number four. For the curious, you can see the full list of the states and which polite words or terms we are using most, here. Also if you are wondering the least polite was California.

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But Wait, There's MORE!

The report also shared some other interesting data you might be amused by. Such as:

Most Searched Slang Compliments

There were definitely some "terms" used in each state that I don't always use, but maybe you've heard others use, such as; bussin', pur, slaps, amped, drip and a few others to be seen here. If you're wondering on Minnesota's slang compliment used most, it would be 'Gucci'. Often used to describe fashion or a style. I have heard it only a couple times myself when I got told my "outfit was so gucci", which I took as a compliment, not fully knowing if it was. No I have confirmation. There is other data you can still check out there to see what Minnesota is using in terms of endearment too.

All and all, I'm glad to see Minnesota Nice does pretty much equal to a polite state, but by next year lets google a few more positive words and see where we end up at the end of 2023. Good luck and be kind!

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