More than 130 of our troops here in Minnesota have headed to Washington D.C. to provide security for the inauguration event that is scheduled for tomorrow.

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The Minnesota troops come from the 148th Fighter Wing, and the 1st Squadron 94th Calvary.  The troops are part of a very large security presence in the nation's capital because of last weeks assault on Congress by supposed supporters of President Donald Trump.

According to some news reports, approximately 15,000 National Guard troops will be activated in Washing D.C. for tomorrow's Inauguration.

Going to Washing D.C. for the Inauguration is not new for our Minnesota Troops. Our troops have been sent as part of a rotational basis; so for some Inauguration ceremonies, we have not had an Minnesota troops present, but for others we have. It just happens to be our turn.


According to NBCNews.com, Biden and Harris will be sworn in as Vice President and President around 11 am Central time. They will not have the traditional Inaugural ball tomorrow night, but instead, the new President and VP will take part in a televised event called "Celebrating America."

Most of Congress and the Supreme Court are expected to be in attendance, as well as some former Presidents. Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, George W. Busch, as well as their first ladies.

President Trump says that he will not be attending.

Other people that will be part of the Inauguration:

  • Lada Gaga will be singing the national anthem.
  • Amanda Gorman will read a poem she has written entitled, "The Hill We Climb." Gorman was the country's first Youth Poet Laureate in 2017, and overcame a speech impediment, and has announced plans to run for President in 2036, the first year she can run for President.
  • Jennifer Lopez will perform.
  • Garth Brooks will perform.
  • Tonight, (Tuesday evening, January 19th) There will be a "National Moment of Unity" at  4:30 central time.

For more detailed information on the events of the Inauguration, click HERE now.


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