Every mom loves a good brunch on Mother's Day, whether at home or at a restaurant. I can smell it now: the ham, the eggs benedict and, most importantly the bacon!

According to Zippia, Minnesota mom's want bacon over everything in their Mother's Day brunch this year. Other, more lame states, don't enjoy a salty swine strip as much as our cool moms in Minnesota.

For example, New York moms are really hoping for... oatmeal?! Meanwhile, Wisconsin moms remain on brand with their burning desire for a good Bloody Mary on Mom's Day.

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In the Midwest, North Dakotans are craving hashbrowns, South Dakotans French toast, Iowans omlettes and Illinois moms are looking for pancakes at their Mother's Day brunch.

How does Zippia know all this? Did they interview every mom in the United States? Nah, they just have access to everyone's Google searches (which seems weird if you allow yourself to think about it).

Using Google Trends, we determined what brunch food each state eats a disproportionate amount of. We defined brunch foods as common breakfast foods and drinks in both search volume and prominence on menus.. From there, we determined what food is searched a disproportionately, high amount in each state.

According to the site, 21 states' favorite brunch food is meat, with sausage being the most popular in 13 of those states. While five states chose pancakes, only one (New Hampshire) picked waffles as their go-to.

PHOTO: Zippia
PHOTO: Zippia

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