Tallest mohawk.  Now that's not something that I would ever think about striving for.  I mean, everyone has to have goals, though, right?  And on top of that, I guess there is a world record for pretty much everything.  This time, it's a giant mohawk that honestly, wouldn't even fit through most doorways.  Seriously, how does that work?

The facebook post says it all.  You set a goal, and you make it happen, that is with the help of a great hairstyist.  But, if you are the person with the mohawk, there is some time and growing of hair that needs to happen as well.  I mean, this is a commitment.  Apparently, Joe, the "mohawk king" has the record for the biggest "fanned" mohawk too, otherwise knows as a "mochican" mohawk.  Like I sad, you gotta have goals.

Facebook profile poc "mohawk King"
Facebook profile poc "mohawk King"

If you take a look through his facebook page, you will find all kinds of pictures of the steps it took to get this mohawk to the height that it needed to be.  And when I say steps. I mean steps!  Like someonw actually had to be on a stepladder in order to get this thing to stand up on it's own.  That, and a LOT of hairspray and some pulling.  If you watch the video from KARE 11, you will hear some of the growning and slight yelling that happens from the hair pulling.  As they say, no pain, no gain, or no :"height": in this case.

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Since he has now accompished this goal, I wonder what's next??

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