According to the 2017 'American Health Rankings Report,' Minnesota has slipped to the sixth healthiest state -- down from #4 last year, and #1 seven times since 1990. So why does it seem like we're trending downward?

What Were Particularly Bad At:

  • High Excessive Drinking
  • Low High School Graduation Rates
  • Low HPV Immunization Rates
  • Public Health Funding
  • High Pertussis & Salmonella Cases

What Were Especially Good At:

  • Low Drug Deaths per Capita
  • High Physical Activity
  • High Insurance Coverage
  • Clean Air
  • Low Rate of Workplace Deaths
  • Low Violent Crime Rate

The bottom line is that #6 is pretty damn good. I mean there are 44 other states that aren't that healthy. The question is are we on the front end of a downward trend, or is #6 just a low point in our long-term health awesomeness?

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