How exciting this must be for the handler of Niko, a certified cadaver dog who works in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

Niko and his handler, Allison Case work for Valley Water Rescue, and will be appearing on "America's Top Dog" tomorrow night (Tuesday, July 20th) at 7 pm. Niko is a Belgium German Shepherd.

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If they win tomorrow night, they will win $10,000 plus another $5,000 to donate to any animal charity of their choosing.

As a Cadaver dog, Allison says that Niko's job is to go out and find human remains of any kind, such as bones, teeth and other human remains. It might sound like a horrible job, but Niko and Allison do this work to fight for the missing so they can help bring the remains back home; so that families can bury their loved ones and help them gain some closure to losing their family member.

Winning on Tuesday is just the beginning. If Niko wins, he and Allison will need to come back for the end of season finale, for a chance to win another $25,000.

So what do Niko and Allison have to do exactly?  Niko goes through an obstacle course, that Allison says he will have no trouble competing. He knows obstacle courses well and even has a title as an AKC Trick Dog.

Allison says that Niko is not the fastest dog, but he is very focused, and she thinks that if they can focus and work as a team, she says Niko should have this competition "In the bag."


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