After a stressful 2020 in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, we seem to be holding ourselves together well. Minnesota has just been named the third least stressed state in the country for 2021.

This study was conducted by Wallethub and is based on 41 key indicators of stress, like average hours worked per week, personal bankruptcy rate, health, divorce rate, and share of adults getting adequate sleep.

Stress Levels in Minnesota (1=Most Stressed, 25=Avg.):

  • 39th – Avg. Hours Worked per Week
  • 50th – Share of Adults Getting Adequate Sleep
  • 48th – % of Adults in Fair/Poor Health
  • 40th – Job Security
  • 50th – Median Credit Score
  • 34th – Housing Affordability
  • 47th – % of Population Living in Poverty
  • 46th – Divorce Rate
  • 34th – Crime Rate per Capita
  • 45th – Psychologists per Capita
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Looking at these numbers, we are doing exceptionally well in the sleep, credit score, and health areas. We ended up having a combined Wallethub score of 31.16 (you want lower numbers) and the states that beat us, didn't do so by much. Utah had a 30.16, and South Dakota had 28.75. Other Midwest states like North Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin all did well for themselves, landing in the top 10 least stressed list.

Overall Minnesota did well, not well enough to land us in the top spot, but not poor enough to add to our stress levels in any way. Minnesotans aren't ones to get jazzed up about anything, and we are the type of people to roll with the punches we are delt so I'm not surprised at all by us doing well in this survey. Let's keep up the good work for 2022.

Source: WalletHub

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