I'm not a HUGE peppermint fan, it has its place, but one candy cane is enough. Yesterday while I was grocery shopping in anticipation of Thursday I came across a bunch of Christmas candy for sale, which included candy canes. I started to think about all the other flavors that candy canes now come in, and I found some truly horrifying flavors online that are available if you feel like 'trying' something different, or maybe you just want to prank someone with an awful flavored candy cane.

Without further ado, I present to you real (awful) candy cane flavors available for purchase. I will rank them from just plain awful to 'eh'.

Sardine Flavored Candy Canes

Hot Dog Candy Cane

Butter Candy Canes

Dill Pickle, Mac and Cheese, Ketchup, and Bacon Candy Canes

Sour Cream & Onion Candy Canes

Kale Candy 

Bacon Candy Canes

As you can see there are some really...interesting flavors available online. Maybe you want to try something different, like a bacon-flavored or you simply want to see your friend's reaction to a sardine candy cane, it appears the only limitation on candy cane flavor is someone's imagination.

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