Being left at the alter is a traumatic experience. I've been lucky (so far), but I do know a few people that were ditched by a runaway bride at the last possible moment.

THIS is different.

Minnesota Nice meant that Jeremy Bourasa would leave his own wedding to fight a fire.


The twist: he and his bride Krista were getting married in the St. Paul Park fire station. Jeremy is an on-call firefighter. Krista lost her niece and nephew in a house fire two years ago, and her sister lost her house to a fire a year before that, so she knew what Jeremy had to do.

Fortunately, the couple exchanged vows before Jeremy changed from his tuxedo to his turnout gear and went from husband to hero.

Jeremy got back to the fire station in time for the First Dance as Mr. and Mrs. Bourasa.

H/T: Kare 11

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