Minnesota never seems to stop making the top lists in the country, and this is a big one. A beloved steakhouse that we all know is among the top 10 best in the US!

We all love food, and for most of us steak is the ultimate choice for a special meal. There are hundreds of thousands of choices for restaurants to order steak in the country, and most of them do a pretty good job with their steak dinners. When you consider a "top 10 in the country" list, you are the ultimate steakhouse, period. It not only makes your restaurant feel great, but it also makes your state very proud.

According to TABELog, Murray's Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge in Minneapolis is the 5th best steakhouse in all of the United States. They look at beef quality, cooking techniques, seasoning/no seasoning, and quality of the food served with your steaks.

Murray's is very unique as they are still the same as they were when they opened 60 years ago. The same location in the oldest building in Minneapolis, and the same look inside and out. It's not just the 28 ounce Silver Butter Knife steak that's carved table side, but also the face that they age their steaks for 28 days, then cut those steaks through their in-house butcher. Experience and attention to class and quality makes Murray's an easy choice for one of the best in the country.

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