The Minnesota DNR has turned on their eagle cam again since there's a new family on the way. Both male and female eagles are visiting the nest frequently to prep!

Eagles are massive birds, and so is their nest. This DNR eagle cam is placed perfectly to see everything that happens all day and evening, and it's crazy cool to see.

The DNR has noticed the male and female birds coming to the nest more frequently, adding new sticks to the nest and rearranging. This is generally a sign the female is about to give birth at anytime.

Traditionally this nest has seen the female lay her eggs toward the end of January and another early February. Just before the eggs were laid they showed the same exact behavior as they are doing now, which is a couple weeks earlier than normal.

Make sure you take a screen capture of the event happening if you get to see it live. Email the image and I'll be sure and post it for our 98.1 Insiders to see!

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