This is one of my biggest fears about driving at night, especially on a motorcycle - Hitting a deer. This video shows what kind of crazy damage speed and a deer will do!

This deputy from Isanti County Sheriff's Department was responding to a call about a man with a gun, so he needed to get there fast, going 100 miles per hour.


In the video you can see the road from the dash cam. Within a split second a deer appears and is completely blown apart from the impact at that high of a speed.

Deer Police Car
Storyful News via YouTube

Fortunately the deputy wasn't injured from the deer, which easily could have come right through the windshield. He did suffer minor injuries from the airbag though, and looked a little shook up while walking around the car. Somehow, he managed to keep the vehicle in control as he slammed on the brakes with no visual through his windshield!

Isanti County Sheriff’s Office

This is a good reminder to watch out for deer on Minnesota roads. The population is higher than normal right now, so they're out there just waiting to be hit.

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