We had an outpouring of messages for Toby Keith today, and we wanted to share them with you. It's clear that Toby Keith had an impact on all of us. Thank you for sending your kind comments.

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Rick K.
In my first year at Southwest MN State in 1997, Toby Keith played during homecoming week. $10 tickets, what a deal and what a good show. He will be missed.

Vonnie from Randall
I love Toby and his music. I've never got to see him in concert... I was hoping he'd pull through...

Suzanne from Pella
I have no words for the loss of Toby Keith. My heart aches. But - let’s remember him as the man he was and the legend he left behind. God Speed, Toby - you are free of pain and you can sing with the Angels

Chuck from Eagle Bend
Toby Keith to me was someone who praised the men and women who put their lives on the line every day. Our soldiers, police officers, and our firefighters. So now who's gonna fill his shoes?

Justina in St. Cloud
The first song I heard of Toby Keith was "How Do You Like Me Now." I was told over and over I would never graduate from college. I am just not smart enough. When I graduated, I put this song on repeat for all my nay-sayers.

Chelsey Rossberg
Got to see him at WEfest after his appendix surgery, got to meet him when I was 18. He's been my favorite singer since I was about 10 years old. It's a sad day indeed. So thankful I made the trip to Vegas in December. Got to see him twice ♥️♥️

Carrie A.
Seen him concert several times.. an awesome man. He will be missed.

Zachery W.
Red solo cup

Tanner W.
Toby Keith would come vacation to Rosemary Beach Fl every year !!!! I worked there & we would always get the house ready for him & his family's arrival. Very private man when he would stay but very humble. RIP Toby, you will be greatly missed.

Rick Diamond, Getty Images

Bernie T.
Never seen him in concert but loved his songs

Sarah K.
I remember when he played in MN a few times the only places he didn't get to perform at were the liberty block party and the new venue in Waite. Park I never got to see him in concert even though I had chances several times but never did. He always had sold-out shows. That right there tells you that he was one of a kind.

Cody M.
Rip toby

Peggie W.
RIP. Great County Singer

Cindy E.
Going to be missed, I love his music.  We saw him at the state fair and he was amazing.

Saw and met Toby for the first time at his concert in Boston back in the early 2000s- the nicest guy ever and one of my favorite country artists of all time!!! RIP Toby. Prayers to his family and friends~

Linnae M.
Too many to list

Rakha B.

Melissa J.
WEFest, he drove his motorcycle over from Sturgis. Got on stage and lit that place on fire. The crowd was electric and so was he.

Donna F.
Saw Toby in concert many times, and even got to do a meet-n-greet with him! Love love his music.  May he RIP

We saw him several times at Country Fest Great memories

Stephanie P.
Toby is the whole reason I came back to country music! I couldn't stand it for a while there, but I was working in a group home around 2003 or so and one of my clients was watching CMT in his room. He was non-verbal, but he was getting into the song that was on so I asked if he wanted to watch it in the living room with me and he did! The song he was rocking out to was Toby Keith's "Who's Your Daddy?"

I remember many years ago at an MN Country Music Event, Collin Raye was to be the main event ( another great musician in my opinion) but wasn’t able to attend and Mr. Toby Keith stepped in! Made it a Great Finish to the full day❣️

Kim D.
My daughter’s first concert seeing Toby got her extra credit in the choir. blessed to have seen Toby in many concerts. One of my favorites!! Gone way too soon. Sympathies and prayers to his family.

Nancy M.
He was my favorite. RIP Toby

Daniel N.
I have his movie, Beer for My Horses.  Good movie.

Krisie W.
I remember Toby Keith playing in the pouring rain at Winstock Country Music Festival. Awesome night! RIP Toby!

Carol P.
Winstock … cold, with pouring rain and wind. Most people left because of the weather. We stayed and watched. He was awesome!! He said, “if you’re dumb enough to stay... then I’m dumb enough to play”. He put on the best concert that night.
RIP Toby, you will be missed.

I have a lot of memories. I’ve seen him in concert 12 times

Julie C.
Such sad news this morning. He was my favorite, but he went way too soon. RIP Toby. My thoughts are with his family.

He promised to stay & play in the pouring rain if fans wanted to stay at Winstock Country Music Festival & he did!! Awesome show that night. RIP Toby!!

Loved every song he had r.i.p to one of the best

Lisa T.

Mary B.
I saw Toby perform at Treasure Island Casino in 2016. RIP Toby

Dan D.
a true Amercian.

Jenn B. (photo)

Nate W.
Love Toby! Used to jam to his music with buddies before heading to the bars and party. After a few drinks, I used to sing a couple of his songs. Rest in peace Toby. You're the goat in my book.

Jeremy H.
Toby Keith was the reason I started liking country music. I have seen him a handful of times. A lot of times at We-Fest; like the time he rode his bike from Sturgis to We Fest and he performed with a sunburned face other than where he had his goggles on. RIP

Shannon R.
I met him at Winstock in 1997. He is a very nice and humble man.

Sara S.
I remember standing in the rain getting soaked but loving every minute of his show! It was at Winstock! He said if you are all out here in the rain for me then I will continue to play! Best night ever!

Amber K.
I was deployed at the time and got to see Toby on one of his USO tours. He made being away from family easier and Toby got us all involved in the songs.

Christine C.
When he sang "Don't Let the Old Man In" at the CMA's in the fall. It was like he was speaking to us...letting us know that was his last performance. Rest in peace, Toby.

Mady I.
My first concert Toby Keith came to Minnesota and I’ve been a fan since I can remember and I was right up by the stage and I kept getting moved around and just wanted to pay attention to Toby, then he squatted down close and pointed right at me and waved and mouthed “ are you okay” that was the greatest day ever!!!! Rip

Ryan S.
I was in Iraq with the Minnesota Army National Guard in 2007. We got to see Toby put on a show.

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