Tropical storms are nothing new for the southeast coast of our country. The latest coming through has been named 'Cristobal' and what makes this one special is that it has the potential to leave an impact on Minnesota.

IF Cristobal can stay organized, meaning it hangs on to its overall center of circulation, it would be the first to do so this far north and west on the continent in nearly TWO CENTURIES.

The current track of the storm heads up the Mississippi River valley and has the potential to cut across the southeast corner of Minnesota before heading into Wisconsin.

For the most part, when storms come inland they burn up before making it too far past the coast, but some leftover moisture is still left in the atmosphere.

It’s that leftover moisture after the tropical system has fallen apart that often appears here in Minnesota as it rides the mid and upper level winds into the Upper Midwest. But in the case of Cristobal, the source producing all of the moisture and rain will still likely be intact, making it an extremely unusual storm.

The exact path of the storm still hasn't been set, and with all weather predictions, it is never exact. But what can we sort-of expect? There is potential for heavy rain in northern and western Minnesota, and with heavy rain comes a chance for flash flooding.

Will there be a true tropical storm in Minnesota? No, we are in the middle of a continent. But we might see the after-effects of one which is an interesting concept. And perfectly on-brand for the crazy year 2020 has been.

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