When you think about retirement and where to live, you generally don't think about Minnesota. This city actually made the top 10 best in the country to retire in!

The folks at WalletHub have proved that Minnesota is a major contender in awesomeness in their survey's, which are based on facts -vs- opinions. Again, us Minnesotans are proud of our state and it's no wonder! We keep finding ourselves in the upper tier of 'best of' lists.

In this particular survey of all the cities in the US, Minnesota appeared not only once, but twice! Minneapolis was #9 in the country for the best city to retire. It's neighbor, St. Paul, came in at #58 on the list. This is incredible considering there are 19,354 cities in this country.

The infographic below shows the best-to-worst in the country to retire:

Source: WalletHub

What's VERY surprising is that Sioux Falls, SD made the top 5 in this list! Except for Minneapolis and Sioux Falls, every city is in the lower 1/2 of the country. The top 10 full list is below:

1. Orlando, FL
2. Tampa, FL
3. Scottsdale, AZ
4. Miami, FL
5. Sioux Falls, SD
6. Las Vegas, NV
7. Cape Coral, FL
8. Atlanta, GA
9. Minneapolis, MN
10. Los Angeles, CA