Target is always trying to make the customer experience as nice, friendly and easy as possible.  If you notice that if you are waiting in line to check out, they generally will do whatever they can to get the line moving if they can.  They will try and open another register, if they can, use the customer service desk if possible, and if you are paying with a card, they have that extra spot before the self-checkout to help people not paying with cash.  I was told that they are told to have a goal of "no line" whenever possible.

We all know that holiday shopping can sometimes be a nightmare at a busy time of day.  Granted, you try to go shopping at non-peak times, but sometimes that is just not possible.  Because of certain schedules, you may be stuck shopping during peak times.  Target is still trying to make that easier too.

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This year they are featuring their "Order Pickup, Drive Up and Same-Day Delivery with Shipt". If it works, this is a great idea.  It's same day service.  It's not ordering, waiting, pay some sort of delivery fee or some other inconvenient thing.  This is ordering the item(s), and then you can pick it up the same day.  Perfect!  It's almost like having a personal shopper.  And ahead of the holidays, they are adding more spaces for pick up.

New this holiday season, you can also add backup grocery items to your order to make sure you get everything on your list, and with same-day delivery, you can pick what store your Shipt Shopper shops at for an even more personalized experience. Plus, with nearly all the store available for pick up or delivery — including apparel, electronics, beauty and more — you can get your Target Run done your way.

How great of an idea is this?  Seriously, it's like I said, it's like having a personal shopper.  You don't have to deal with any crowds, waiting in line, or trying to navigate around the store searching for your item... in other words, shopping.  You can do that all ahead of time in the comfort of your own home, order, and then go pick it up later.  Voila!  Stress-free shopping.

Check out all of the details on their website. 

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