Stop the internet!  There are FREE masks that smell like bacon up for grabs.

If we haven't met yet, I am the queen of bacon. I grew up in Iowa with pigs basically all around me.  Well, sort of.  I didn't grow up on a farm but there were pig farms nearby.  Somewhere.  Ok, I ate bacon as a kid.  But, I've also gone on some really long bike rides in Iowa and Minnesota just because the rides had "bacon" in the name.  #TrueStory

Basically, bacon is my love and I just found out that Hormel has masks up for grabs that smell like bacon and they are FREE!  Yes...F-R-E-E bacon masks during COVID-19.

Enjoy the delicious scent of HORMEL® BLACK LABEL® Bacon wherever you go with HORMEL™ BLACK LABEL™ Breathable Bacon. Using the latest in bacon-smell technology and irresistibly breathable, 2-ply fabric, finally, bacony-bliss can be with you always — even while out in public. -

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I'm having the meat sweats over here while I'm reading all about these amazing bacon face masks.  Truly, this is genius and whoever came up with this needs a raise.

If you want to try to grab a free bacon mask, do what I did and go to their website and fill out the little form to get your name in for a chance to wear bacon proudly on your face.

Hormel, thanks for helping us make this whole COVID-19 time a fun and delicious time in our lives.  I ❤️ you...and your yummy bacon.

Last time I wrote about bacon, I got hate mail.  I have my big girl bacon panties on right now so if you'd like to send that to me again, I say bring it.  I'll take the nice mail might be nice to get that once in a while. My awesome Facebook page is Jessica On The Radio and I post fun pics on Instagram here.

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