A product name that came about in the 1930's has created quite a stir in the modern online world. Hormel Foods has been making and canning SPAM since 1937, but the internet boom of the 90s associated the product's name with a negative connotation: spam emails.

But the reason for the naming of these unsolicited emails actually came from the 1970s. A Monty Python sketch is really to blame. The use of the term to mean unwanted mass e-mail derives from a famous Monty Python sketch, first broadcast in 1970, where a couple ordering breakfast is confronted with a menu that is heavy on one specific ingredient, SPAM. The word being said unwanted repetition lead to people online using it as a reference for unwanted repetition in chat rooms.

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It's understandable why Hormel doesn't like the unwanted emails in everyone's inbox a reference to the product they are trying to sell. Acording to Bloomberg.com, employees at Hormel are supposed to reference what we call spam emails as "unwanted emails".

The way I see it though is that it is free advertising. Every email service you sign up for automatically generates a spam folder that users see the title of every time they log on. Their product name gets put in front of hundreds of millions of people daily, and there's something to be said for that.

Fry yourself up a SPAM sandwich, and clean out your email inbox today.

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