Every time you search on Google, hundreds of pieces of information are collected about you for data gathering. Here's Minnesota's most searched 'how-to' phrase.

We'll also include some of our neighboring states most searched 'how-to' as well as some very odd 'how-to' from other states in the U.S.

Minnesota - "How to quit a job"
Minnesota's search is a little odd to me, given that we have a ton of jobs. Maybe that's the reason so many people are trying to figure out how to quite - so they can start another job! If you think about it though, most Minnesotans are looking for the nicest way to say "I quit".

North Dakota - "How to get a passport"
This is pretty lame, but makes sense since there's the Canada border at the top of the state a couple hour drive away.

South Dakota - "How to make slime"
Apparently Nickelodeon is pretty popular there? Is the population of adults who use the internet that low, and all the kids are searching on their phones? What a waste of a Google search!

Iowa - "How to make jello shots"
Way to go Iowa! I'm proud of you! my initial thought would have been "how to shuck corn". Okay, I know I'm stereotyping a little. For a state that doesn't have a ton of music festivals (compared to Minnesota and Wisconsin), jello shots are a little surprise to see as your biggest 'how-to' search.

Wisconsin - "How to retire"
I would have thought they'd search "how to make beer" or "how to secretly be a Vikings fan", but it seems many people just don't want to work anymore. This is completely the opposite of our neighbor, South Dakota, with the apparent age group of people searching Google.

Some other states in the U.S. that you'll find comical:

  • Colorado - "How to play backgammon"
  • Connecticut - "How to be pretty"
  • Delaware - "How to get away with murder" (Yikes!)
  • Hawaii - "How to be a ninja"
  • Illinois - "How to be a superhero"
  • Kentucky - "How to make a baby" (Uhh, really??)
  • Mississippi - "How to twerk"
  • Nevada - "How to cure a hangover" (well, Vegas IS there!)
  • New Mexico - "How to put on a condom"
  • Pennsylvania - "How to get drunk" (Visit Las Vegas?)
  • Utah - "How to train your dragon" (Nothing about this state impresses me)

To see the entire list, hop over to TwentyTwoWords.com.

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