What better way to embrace winter than by having a Snowplow naming contest for the whole state?

This year is the 4th Annual 'Name A Snowplow' contest, and MnDot had to choose 50 finalists from over 8,000 entries! That's a lot of winter creativity going on here in our great state.

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Now it's your chance to vote for your favorites! You have until Sunday, January 28th to get your votes in, so don't forget to vote!

Each person who votes is only allowed to vote ONCE but can select up to 8 names on their ballot, so choose carefully. Choose the names that put a smile on your face, make you laugh out loud; or better yet, give you something to talk about in years to come that helps you remember the weird winter weather of 2024.



  • A Little Salty
  • A Plow Named Sue
  • Aaron Brrrr, Sir
  • Alice Scooper
  • Barbie's Dream Plow
  • Beauty and the Blade
  • Because Ice Said Snow!
  • Below Zero Hero
  • Best In Snow
  • Beyonsleigh
  • Blizzard Buster
  • Blizzard Wizard
  • Can't Snow Me Down
  • Clark W. Blizzwald
  • Dashing thru the snow
  • Dolly Plowton
  • Don't Flurry, Be Happy
  • Everyday I'm Shovelin'
  • Fast and Flurrious
  • Flake Superior
  • Flake It Off
  • Frosty The Snowplow
  • Highway Hercules
  • I Came, I Thaw, I Conquered
  • Just Scraping By
  • Lady Slippery
  • Land of 10,000 snows
  • L'Plow du Nord
  •  Make Snowbegone
  • Minnesnowta N'ice
  • Miracle on Ice
  • Oh, For Sleet's Sake
  • Oh Snow You Didn't!
  • Orange you glad to see me?
  • Plower Power
  • Scrape, Rattle and Roll
  • Shiver Me Blizzards
  • SKOL Plow
  • Snowmageddon
  • SnowMNator
  • Show White and the 7 drifts
  • Star of the North
  • Storm Rider
  • Sweet Child O'Brine
  • Taylor Drift
  • The Great MN Plow-togehter
  • Waipahinnte (The Dakotah word meaning snowplow)
  • Who let the plows out?
  • You're Killin' Me Squalls


Now!  To place your vote, CLICK HERE...before you miss your chance!

Hats off to all these amazing names. Go Minnesota! There are no people better to embrace snow and make the best of it than YOU.  :-)



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