She challenged me to make a personality profile for a Miss Country Music. So here goes:

Meet Miss Country Music

She loves God and Country. She works hard. Big project at the office? Bring it. Help out at daddy's farm? She has no problem getting dirty to help out family, and that isn't limited to dirt on the ground: you don't mess with her family. Prepare for a world of hurt if you do (the phrase, "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" was definitely coined by a man who crossed a country girl).

Miss Country Music is a mama grizzly. She loves her children more than anything in the world, yet she has no reservations about putting the fear of God into them, if necessary. But if somebody outside the family tries to discipline her kids? Please see: hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

As hard as Miss Country Music works, she plays at least as hard. All that focus on family and work makes for a Friday night of cutting loose and blowing off some steam. Got a mud pit? She's tearing it up with her pickup truck, and she's hip-deep in the mud when it gets stuck. Fruity drinks are okay, but nothing beats a shot of whiskey and an ice cold beer.


Come Sunday morning, she's got the family loaded up and heading to church. She's thankful for all that God has provided, and never forgets to thank Him...even if she's not in church.

She fiercely loves her fact, she scares him a little. He's witnessed The Crazy when she's been scorned, and wants to stay far from the line of fire when her guns are blazing. She's warm and loving, loyal and not afraid to smack him on the rear when his jeans are fitting just right or upside his head when he's acting the fool.

She'll kiss him the moment he comes to his senses.

How'd I do? Please don't Crazy me...

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