The weekend is always blur, it just flies by quicker than it arrives.

This weekend, Brittany and I had a few more first time experiences. Saturday morning we decided to take our hungry selves out for breakfast and for the first time we ate at IHOP in Waite Park. Neither of us had ever been to IHOP before this visit and although neither of us tried the pancakes they're known for, my "Bacon Temptation Omelette" hit the spot.

Breakfast was the way to start the weekend, then we headed to the mall and did shopping (Brittany's joy) before FINALLY being able to start the AMC series "Breaking Bad". I borrowed and completed the first two of six seasons and I couldn't shut it off! It is so well written and keeps you thinking, how is this going to play out, then when you think you know... they throw that twist in there you didn't see coming. It is such a great show, I can't wait to get the next two season and waste another weekend of my life.

Breaking Bad Final Season Premiere Photos Blood Money

Of course it wasn't all eating out, walking the mall, watching Breaking Bad and the football playoffs... no, no, no, no. That couldn't happen with nicer weather during those few days. I had to get out and do some work too. This was not so enjoyable. I grabbed an scrapper, Brittany grabbed a shovel and we cleared the driveway the best we could. After finishing what we could on our driveway we jumped across the street and helped the neighbors finish up scrapping their driveway too.

All in all, pretty good weekend.

What did you do?

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