If you have traveled anywhere in the last couple of years, other than driving yourself, you have had to wear a mask unless you are eating or drinking.  You have had to wear the mask the entire time while in an airport and while on the aircraft.

Now, that things have relaxed, and numbers have been decreasing as far as new COVID cases, mask mandates have almost completely gone away.  The only places still requiring masks are healthcare facilities, some salons and personal services, a couple of schools (all of these are opting to keep their mask mandates) and public transportation.  This includes ride shares, trains and planes.

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From USA TodayThe airlines are pushing back on this extension.  It was set to expire on April 18th, this was after the first extension.  Now, the Biden administration and the CDC have extended the mandate for another 15 days to May 3rd.  The airlines are pushing back on this because it's getting harder and harder to enforce, plus, everyone is getting weary of having to do that most of all the airline employees.  Air travel is one of the safest travel options as far as air quality because of the filtration systems.  Also, people don't have to wear a mask at restaurants or during sporting events, so why would you need to on an airplane?

I'm sure many feel the same way about this- end it.  If you want to wear a mask, go ahead, but forcing everyone to do it is getting tiresome.  The Biden administration and the CDC said that they will evaluate the rise in COVID cases at that time and reassess the need. Cases have been on the rise again in some areas on the East Coast.

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