Is it really bad for you to shower during a thunderstorm? That’s the debate my husband and I had last night. He says that it's perfectly fine. His direct quote was, "how many times do you hear about people getting electrocuted in the shower?"

My mom always told me not to shower when it’s lightning outside, but she also told me not to sneeze with my eyes open because they could pop out–that turned out to be untrue. I was pretty confident my mom was right and my husband Dave was wrong on this, I decided to Google it.

And, in fact, Myth Busters tested the theory by putting a dummy in the shower that could record voltage from the electricity transferred through the pipes from a lightning strike. Not only was the dummy affected by the strike, the electric shock was so powerful that it started a fire in the shower. I’ll say that again–It started a FIRE IN THE SHOWER.

So, I'm chalking this up as a win for me! Sorry, Dave, but you're wrong on this one. It is NOT safe to shower during a lightning storm.

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