Disclaimer: This is just one person's account of an incident reported to a website that deals with things out of the ordinary. It is not traditional news. Take it as you will.

The website Phantoms and Monsters: Pulses of the Paranormal recently was in contact with someone from Carlton County Minnesota, in a forested area near the Kettle River. This person, BR, is a licensed personal use medical marijuana grower that uses a 10'x12' shed to grow his plants. The shed itself is built out of reinforced cement blocks, and has a heavy steel vault style door. Basically, it is solid and would be hard for anyone to break into.

A few months ago, BR was going to his shed to tend to the plants and noticed that the door had been tampered with. There were scratches around the outside face of the door and the door jam had been slightly bent away from the cement blocks making up the shed. After fixing the door, BR had another incident three weeks later. This time a large hole as in the cement wall and whoever created it was able to take a couple plants.

BR noted that there were no heavy equipment or shoe tracks in the snow or any indication that a human had done this.

In an attempt to figure out what as happening, BR did a stakeout setting up a campsite about 30 yards from the growing shed, intending to stay out there for a week straight. A few days in, things got weird.

Around twilight BR heard cracking sounds, looked out to investigate and saw an 8-9 foot tall Bigfoot break into his shed and carry out six plants.

 As BR watched, he observed the creature literally place one of the long stems of the plant into its mouth and strip off the leaves and buds. He watched the Bigfoot chew the contents while walking away towards the forest. I asked BR if the Bigfoot acknowledge his presence. He answered that the Bigfoot looked in his direction for a second, turned and walked away.

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Here is a description of the creature BR saw:

  • 8-9 feet tall
  • massive frame
  • conical head
  • covered in dark auburn colored hair
  • face had sparse hair
  • whites of eyes seemed to glow a bit
  • ape like face with a large flat nose
  • unusual gait, picking up its feet higher than a human would when walking

The incident happened around the end of January/early part of February 2020. BR has since begun to build a new growing shed a few miles away. He will be installing tail camera to hopefully collect more evidence. BR also saved the stem the alleged Bigfoot ate the leaves off of and wants to send it to a lab for DNA testing. He intends to keep in contact with the Phantoms and Monsters crew for updates. BR also indicated that he was a skeptic and didn't believe in Bigfoot or Sasquatch until this experience happened to him.

What say you? Do you believe in Bigfoot, and does this story seem like a sighting to you? Share your thoughts on the 98.1 mobile app.

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