I hate to see this kind of "progress".  Demolishing an iconic nightclub and concert venue to slap up another apartment building seems a shame to me. But that is the plan under consideration for the Maplewood City Council. Demolish the Myth and slap up an apartment building.

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The plan, according to fox9.com, is to tear down the Myth Nightclub and Concert Venue and grant a permit for a developer to build a 4 story apartment building on that location. The Myth nightclub sits at 3090 Southlawn Drive near the Maplewood Mall.

The apartment building being proposed to the Maplewood City Council will consist of 237 "market rate" units. The city council has already approved the developer to access to six and a half million dollars in tax increment financing.

To me, this doesn't sound all that positive as far as preserving the Myth Nightclub & Concert Venue. It sounds like the city council has already made up it's mind. I'd be really surprised if the council all of a sudden reversed plans and let the Myth stand.

The council is going to take it's time hoping people will forget what's happening, I guess, and make it's final decision on whether or not to let the developer demolish the legendary Myth Nightclub by the end of this year.

The good news is that the Myth is still alive and well. There is a concert scheduled for this weekend and a big Halloween party scheduled for the following weekend.

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