Bet you didn't see that coming! Mankato, Minnesota has been named one of the top 10 cities in America for people leaving items behind in Uber cars. Uber did a study on what regions and towns in America have the highest number of people reporting they forgot something in the cars and here is how the list laid out:

  1. East Alabama
  2. Gallup, New Mexico
  3. Cookeville, Tennessee
  4. Mississippi Delta
  5. Boone, North Carolina
  6. Sioux City, Iowa
  7. South Georgia
  8. Mankato, Minnesota
  9. College Station, Texas
  10. Tallahassee, Florida

I know I wasn't expecting Mankato of all places to be on that list. I know it is a big college town, but so is Minneapolis. I thought for sure with all the schools in the Twin Cities area they would be more likely to make the top 10, but I was wrong!

Uber also released a Lost and Found list of odd items that were left behind last year in vehicles across the country. Here are a few of the weirder ones:

  • 8 week old coffee-colored Chihuahua
  • A propane tank
  • Lego championship wrestling belt
  • A fog machine
  • A fish tank full of water and fish
  • Deer antlers and a welding helmet

Let's all try our best to make sure no Minnesota cities are deemed as the forgetful ones when next year's list rolls out.

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