I  walk a lot.. .it's kind of my go-to exercise.  But walking 1000 miles would really be a feat.  That's really a long way.  Just walking 3-5 miles a day is something for me, imagine walking 1000 miles.

Obviously this is going to take some time, but one man is doing it.  Meet Terry Willis. He's walking from Alabama to Minnesota in a silent protest for George Floyd, and is expected to make it to Minnesota, and to the George Floyd memorial that has been at the intersection of Chicago Ave and 38th St around the 4th of July.

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He is walking from Alabama to Minnesota.  According to an article on KARE 11, he says he walks in silence because that is who he is, and it's his purpose.  He had no idea that this would be any sort of an inspiration to anyone else.  He also has a gofundme page that is raising money to hopefully be directed  to help people re-enter society after serving time in jail.  They need to have a skill to be employable and he hopes that this will help.  So far, there has been around $29,000 raised.

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You can follow Terry Willis' journey on his Instagram and Facebook pages. From the pictures, it seems that he is joined occasionally by some other people.  It's cool that people are joining him along the way.  Even if they don't go the distance, it's nice that he has that support.

And when you see that that is his goal, you  can imagine how the support for him and his cause would inspire others as well.

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