I can think of numerous places to enjoy a cold beer in St. Cloud, the middle of Division Street isn't one of them.

In a Facebook post from Erin Linn of Foley, a man can be seen sitting in the median of Division Street outside Midtown Square mall, drinking a case of Busch Light.

What really gets me about this photo is how calm this man is. He doesn't have a care in the world when it comes to his choice of drinking location, what really gives that away is the pile of empties by his feet.

Traffic at that exact location isn't very forgiving. I occasionally work out at Sta-fit Midtown and even leaving that parking lot getting onto Division makes me nervous. Speed limits don't seem to exist there, and I can't imagine drinking while cars speed past you.

It isn't a very wide median there either. There isn't much cement surface area to work with and he is pretty much hanging out on the road crushing Busch lattes like they are going to stop making them. Bold move.

A refresher on St. Cloud laws when it comes to beer in public parks:

No person in a Park will consume, posses, dispense, transport or carry any alcoholic beverage, including 3.2 beer, in or into any City park.

The median isn't a park, but I still can't imagine that this was totally legal.

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