A Minneapolis man was allegedly removed from his flight after tweeting about a rude gate agent. 

Duff Watson of Minneapolis, a self-described Southwest Airlines "A-List passenger" was on a Denver to Minneapolis flight when he was told he was not allowed to sit with his children.

He apparently was not happy with this arrangement and took to his Twitter to air his grievance. When his tweet was discovered, gate agents came and removed Duff and his two children from the flight and he was apparently told that he would not be allowed back on the flight until his tweet was deleted.

He ended up deleting the tweet and getting back on the flight, but he took to Twitter again to complain about the way he was treated and even though he was given vouchers by the airline for his inconvenience, he swears he will never fly that airline again.

I complained to a company once via social media. We had gone to a fast food restaurant and were told that they had run out of their signature item. The young lady was apologetic after laughing at us, so I grabbed my phone. Within a matter of a couple of hours, I had been contacted by the customer service department and they asked about what happened. They were also apologetic sent me two gift cards in the mail, even though I was clear about the fact that this incident would not keep me from eating at their restaurants.

Have you ever complained to a company via social media? How did it work out?