Chris Grap, who works with the Experienal + Design elements at the Mall of America, went in depth on the holiday makeover for the Log Chute ride at Nickelodeon Universe. This time of year the ride transforms into the "Yule Log Chute". The whole attraction gets new decor and music. Riders float down the river of Paul Bunyan's Christmas tree farm. In addition to that, the giant Paul Bunyan statue gets his very own ugly Christmas Sweater.


Christopher Straub, a Project Runway alumni designer helps bring that sweater design to life. It takes about three hours to install (dress) Paul for the holiday's, and his trusty blue ox, Babe, get's his own look too! This is the second year in a row Paul has got a totally new sweater on the day of Santa's arrival at Mall of America. Chris said from here on out, every year guests will have a new holiday look for Paul to look forward to!

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