Each year the Benton County Dairy Association invited everyone to eat breakfast on a local, Benton County farm. This year it is in Rice on Saturday, June 23.

Last year was the first year I was able to attend Breakfast on the Farm and I was thoroughly impressed. First off, the breakfast they put on is nothing short of fantastic. From sausage and bacon to pancakes, fresh fruit, eggs, of course fresh milk and much more. I truly couldn't believe the amount of food that was laid out for anyone to come and eat.

Breakfast on the Farm is the annual event meant to help educate everyone about the inner workings of a farm in conjunction with National Dairy Month. Everyone is invited to attend - free of charge. While on the farm, you will learn about a working dairy farm, what life is like day to day and learn more about animal care and the amount of hard work that goes into getting that glass of milk on your table.

This year's Breakfast on the Farm will be Saturday, June 23 at the Brent Czech Farm - New Heights Dairy in Rice. It kicks off at 8:30 and runs until Noon. Here's the great part - it is FREE to everyone. The only thing they ask is for a donation to help them cover the cost of breakfast.

The kids are going to love it. Not only do they get to go to a working farm, they get to eat breakfast ON the farm, they get to see the cows up close and personal, there's a petting zoo and an art station. Plus, plenty of door prizes to be won throughout the day, Princess Kay Mary and the Benton County Princesses & Ambassadors will be on hand taking pictures and a whole lot of fun.

The farm is located on County Road 40 - 3145 155th Street NW in Rice - just watch for the signs. Bring the kids, bring grandma and grandpa, bring your friends and neighbors because this is a lot of fun and some really great eats!

Join me on the farm! I hope to see you there!

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