We've all had those terrible summer jobs that make us question whether we actually need the money that bad. We've all probably had a boss that took herself way too seriously. But, there's good news...most people actually LOVE their jobs.

That's right! According to PR Newswire, 65-percent of people surveyed report that they actually really love their job! So, if you're working at a job you hate right now, there's hope that someday you'll land a job you love...or at least don't mind.

The survey also found that in addition to working for the purpose of paying your bills, we also work so that we can do fun things like go on vacation and we work to give our kids a better life. Those factors may be keeping you working at a job you hate if it pays well.

I once worked at a factory, and it was TERRIBLE. It payed pretty well for someone going to college...But, It was hot, there was no air conditioning, it was summertime--get the picture? One day I spilled a gallon of glue all over the floor and had to clean it up. I had hit my breaking point and I quit that day. Luckily, life got better.

If you hate your job AND it doesn't pay well, what the heck are you doing at that job? Life is too short to not be doing something you enjoy.

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