Some years ago, I was enjoying live music at the now-a-fancy-restaurant-but-used-to-be-a-dive Blue Ox Bar in Brainerd. There was nothing unusual about the night. A fight broke out by the men's room.

Still not unusual.

Suddenly, nobody could breathe and everybody was coughing.

That was unusual.

Murder Most Foul
This: STILL not unusual for the Blue Ox (Getty Images)

The band stopped mid-song and the crowd bailed outside. The bartenders opened the doors, and gave us the sweet and lowdown.

Somebody got maced, so we all got maced.



I don't remember how long it took for the dive to be breathable again, but half the crowd left. Mace is a buzzkill like that.

And now, we can get a buzz off mace!

It's not the latest stupid teenager 'challenge;' Delaware's Dogfish Head Brewery has released a mace-flavored coffee milk stout called In Your Mace.

‘Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith’ (2005)
Nope. Not THIS Mace... (Lucasfilm)

The brew gets its spiciness from the chili oil that gives mace its kick and the flavor is described as, "spicy nutmeg, anise, and espresso with a palate-warming chili spiced finish."

Ya know...I'm curious now. If I find a bottle of this, I'll do an episode of Ned Vs!

H/T: Delish

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