Luke Combs admits he has a blind spot when it comes to being a parent for the first time. His son will have to experience something he never even dreamed of growing up.

Talking to Taste of Country Nights, the "Doin' This" singer said he's most looking forward to being "sports dad," but wants a well-rounded individual more than anything. In January, Combs and wife Nicole announced that a baby boy is coming this spring. They've kept a lid on the baby's name thus far, but Combs talked a bit about his feelings toward fatherhood.

"I think about how different their childhood is going to be than mine, and it's like, they will undoubtedly have the pressure of being my kid, which is not something that I ever dealt with and not something that I know how to deal with," Combs says. "I want to make sure that we have talks about those things. I'm worried about when do they find out that (he's Luke Combs)."

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Life for his son, the 32-year-old figures, will change dramatically after he learns Dad is famous. Growing up in North Carolina, this isn't something he had to deal with. Both of his parents worked in non-celebrity fields, providing the younger Combs a firm foundation to launch a career from. If he's figured out the solution to his problem, he didn't share during this interview. Instead, he lamented more immediate problems.

"How do you put this damn car seat in?" Combs asks.

"Doin' This" is Combs' first single from his third studio album Growin Up, due June 24. Recently, he announced that the Middle of Somewhere Tour will begin on Sept. 2.

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