Luke Bryan is taking his love for Spring Break and making music out of it.  Each year he has made a Spring Break EP and this year he is taking it one step further and making an entire album.  Spring Break...Here to Party contains 14 tracks and will include songs from past EPs as well as brand new music.  No official word on a release date yet but we do have the track list:

  1. Suntan City
  2. Just a Sip
  3. Buzzkill
  4. If You Ain’t Here to Party
  5. Little Bit Later On
  6. In Love With the Girl
  7. Shore Thing
  8. Sorority Girl
  9. Shake the Sand
  10. Love in a College Town
  11. Wild Weekend
  12. Cold Beer Drinker
  13. Spring Break-Up
  14. Take My Drunk A** Home