Whoever says TikTok is a waste of time, isn't using the app right. This past Monday (August 8th) I was scrolling my "For You" page when a video of a man hearing his own song on the radio popped up. As I watched his heartfelt reaction to hearing his song get played, I realized the song was about Wadena, Minnesota.

Naturally, all the alarms in my head went off and I knew I had to reach out to this singer/songwriter, Aaron Simmons, to see if I could learn more about his song, and him as an artist. His profile said he lived in Nashville so I knew reaching out was a longshot.

I commented on the video, not expecting anything to come from it as the video was taking off like wildfire, and almost immediately Aaron replied to me and dropped his contact information my way. I sent him an open invite to come in for an interview whenever he was around the area, and it just so happened he was in central Minnesota this week. WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!

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Less than 24 hours later Aaron found his way to 98.1 in St. Cloud and we were chatting in the studio about his heartfelt song, "Nobody's Home in Wadena". A song about losing his grandfather, and his step-grandma moving out of state shortly after. The way Aaron tells this story through his voice and guitar had me crying like a baby over the loss of my own grandparents. His talents truly are a gift that I am happy to spread the good word about.

Thanks to the TikTok video picking up steam, Aaron saw a whirlwind of success with it this week. The streaming numbers are claiming along with the TikTok views, and he had the opportunity to sit down for interviews at two different radio stations before Tuesday was even over.

When I got to hang out with him, it was like meeting with an old friend, even though we literally just connected. We talked about everything from "Nobody's Home in Wadena", to performing at WeFest, to the best advice he ever got from a TV show.

Aaron Simmons is truly one-of-a-kind. He is as genuine as they come and has the musical talent to match. I'm so excited to share this interview with you, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed it. Be sure to stream Aaron's music wherever you do your streaming!

@aaronsimmonsmusic one step at a time. this is just the beginning. #radio #countrymusic #reaction #foryou #sing #minnesota #midwest ♬ Nobody's Home in Wadena - Aaron Simmons

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