When I topped off the tank on Saturday at Costco and saw the price-per-gallon was $1.69, I just had to take a picture of the price at the pump. I immediately started thinking, "when was the last time gas prices were this low?'

So when I got home, I looked it up. According to U.S. Energy Information Administration, it was $1.45 in February, 2016. It was under $2 for a few months during that time.

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The average price of a gallon of gas in Minnesota is $1.96.

Here's the lowest gas prices, I found, in St. Cloud (according to GasBuddy.com map):

  • Costco (2nd St): $1.69
  • Sam's Club (Hwy 15): $1.69
  • Holiday (2nd Street): $1.79
  • Casey's (Golden Spike Rd): $1.84
  • Go For It Gas (University Dr.): $1.89
  • Casey's (10th Ave): $1.89
  • Fleet Farm (Division) $1.89
  • Kwik Trip (locations vary): anywhere $1.89 in St. Joe to $2.12 on Hwy 10

*Prices subject to change on a day to day basis.

The lowest gas prices in the state of Minnesota? According to GasBuddy.com,  here's the cheapest:

  • VP Racing Fuel (Red Wing, MN): $1.41 
  • Kwik Trip (Red Wing, MN): $1.46 
  • 61 Express (Frontenac, MN): $1.49 
  • Hi Hi Market & Gas (Lakeville, MN): $1.49
  • Costco (Maple Grove, MN): $1.49

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