The moose that many Minnesotans have been following since September when it crossed the border with Iowa, has made it as far north as Melrose and Sauk Centre according to a social media page devoted to tracking the progress of the moose.

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Nic Eberly even caught the moose looking at other means of transportation over the weekend as the moose visited Boomerang Marine and Sports in Melrose!

Boomerang Marine & Sports at 9:30pm in Melrose (Saturday, November 11th, 2023)

While the video shows the moose moving through Melrose Saturday night, another sighting of the herbivore was made in Sauk Centre near the airport Sunday evening.

This moose has covered some real ground over the last few weeks, after initially being spotted in Northern Iowa at the end of September, the moose has seemingly been traveling North since then being spotted in places like New Ulm, Dassel, Cokato, Lake Henry, and now Melrose and Sauk Centre.

Last week we shared that the moose had made it to Lake Henry, so if the moose keeps its current pace, and nothing happens to it, it should be somewhere around Osakis or Long Prairie in the next few days.

If you happen to spot the moose, we'd love to see a picture or video, and you can send them to us using our free app, but make sure you stay a safe distance from the mega mammal.

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, if you encounter a moose know that "Though they appear formidable, moose are seldom aggressive. Exceptions are a cow that feels her calf is in danger, or a bull in rut...Rutting or mating season occurs from mid-September to mid-October."

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