I rent an apartment in St Cloud for during the week and commute back to Fargo or Detroit Lakes on the weekends.  Seems most every week there is some kind of crazy and sometimes criminal activity going on. Sounds of gun shots aren't that uncommon and those little "Fast & Furious" cars racing by can be annoying.

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Sometimes, I think I could just turn off my TV and pull my chair up to the window for better entertainment.

Once, I woke up to one of those early morning drug busts at the house next door to my apartment building. At 4:30 in the morning those concussion grenades can certainly get your attention.



A dozen police vehicles, including some sort of assault vehicle flooded the street outside.  It was pretty obvious they were selling something out of that house.  Cars would pull up in front and soon someone would come out of the house and lean into the car. This would go on all night.

Now, this apartment building I live in during the week is right down by SCSU, not far from the Herb Brooks Hockey Arena and about a half block away from St Cloud Police Community Outpost.

Honestly, if I had kids going to SCSU, I'd want them living as far as possible from the school.

One night I witnessed, this was one of those "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" events. I can't confirm that is what happened but what I saw was a crime of passion, in my opinion.

I saw a young woman enter the building and not long after exit and it looked like she was attempting to slash the tires on one of the cars parked out on the street. That wasn't working out for her so she got in her car and rammed the side of the vehicle.

It was no one and done. She proceeded to back up and ram the car a couple of more times before taking off down the street.  She put some pretty significant dents in the side of the victim vehicle.


The St Cloud Police at the Community Outpost must have heard the commotion of her car ramming the other car because she didn't even make it to the end of the block before being apprehended.

Again, I'm not sure what this was all about but by the look on the woman's face as she was ramming the other car tells me that this was personal.

I'll keep updated on any future episodes of "It's Never A Dull Moment Where I Live".

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