The term evokes memories of yesteryear. The "good ol' days". Back when they made "them" better than they make "them" now.

The literal definition of "vintage" varies (typical). For the sake of this article, I'm considering "vintage" to be "at least a couple decades old". I think that's fair.

TURN AROUND WE WENT TOO FAR BACK! (Photo by Felipe Furtado on Unsplash)
TURN AROUND WE WENT TOO FAR BACK! (Photo by Felipe Furtado on Unsplash)

Some things that are "vintage" are highly sought-after; like cars, guitars, whiskey, and wine. Others things, not so much; like milk, beer, and radio DJs. Tuesday morning I asked: what's an "outdated" piece of technology that you still love to use?

LOTS of answers, with a recurring theme: entertainment.

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Cameron and Keith both answered with PS2 (Playstation 2) with Cameron adding the PS2 game "Scarface: The World is Yours"

Nicole went even further back: "My Intellivision video game I got for Christmas in 1983"

Greg was all-encompassing: "All of the game consoles and games I bought and still collect."

I answered with a GameCube that I still use to play MVP Baseball 2005 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf 2004.

Perfection (Photo by Paweł Durczok on Unsplash)
Perfection (Photo by Paweł Durczok on Unsplash)


Gavin said: "My Pioneer turntable with matching Pioneer receiver for my vinyl rig and my carbureted 1968 Chevelle."

Jason agreed: "Vinyl LPs. Even when the power’s out, I can still listen to my music on my turntable!"

Gary, too: "Turntable on my stereo system!"


Jill blew my damn mind: "Commodore 64 model 1701 monitor still going strong attached to a VCR in our guest room"

BreAnna was right there: "Vcrs and vhs tapes!!"

Timothy saw those warnings at the beginning of VHS tapes and LOL-ed: "I still have and use my VCR. I will watch movies and record onto blank tapes."

David and Jeremiah both answered with "CDs", with Jeremiah one-upping David by adding "DVDs"


And then there's Pamela: "The Kleppinger"

Hopefully it's for surgery...

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